“Last spring I received a phone call from Gerard, who was asking for Bentinck massage. He pronounced the name of this massage in a rather stumbling fashion. He had never heard of it, although he thought he had experienced all anthroposophical therapies at some point.
When he walked in with his rollator, I saw a short, stocky man, around 75 years old. He walked slowly, bent over and with some difficulty. There was a big smile on his face. Once he had entered the treatment room he told me that he was allergic to just about every type of massage oil which we use here, so I suggested massaging him over his clothing. He was surprised by this possibility. So as to give him the possibility of enjoying the scent of the oils, he chose an oil which I put on a cloth near to his head.


“At the beginning of July I felt emotionally and physically ‘finished’. My mother had died in the spring and shortly afterwards I had to leave my house and had to move. On the work-front things were not going well either.  I was continuously over-stimulated and was no longer able to relax at home after work.  I did not really know any longer what I should be doing in life, because my work was my calling.