Background information on the Massage Therapy

"To be able to practice massage in a successful way you must really know the human organism well”. (Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine, GA 312)'
(Uit: Rudolf Steiner, (1920), Geesteswetenschap en geneeskunde, vertaald door Hans Schenkels 1996, blz.283

The process of two polar forces

According to the anthroposophical image of the human being two archetypal processes are distinguished, one of the forces of the upper pole and the other of the forces of the lower pole. These forces which are invisible yet can be experienced, play a major role in how human beings are kept alive and moving.

How do these forces work in the human body?
All impressions, such as scents, colours, forms, sounds, moods, enter into us through our senses via the forces of the upper pole as do food and oxygen. The lower pole forces are active via our metabolic system in our abdomen. What has entered in from above is here digested, separated and integrated into our body. The process involved in this makes sure that we remain alive and are able to develop. It is the ultimate connection, collaboration and integration between our body and our spirit. Once familiar with these invisible forces one can begin to recognize them. Volkier Bentinck developed his therapies on the basis of these insights.

What does the Volkier Bentinck massage therapy aim for in relation to these insights?
In between the upper pole and the lower pole is the home of the rhythmical middle area with heart and lungs.  We can consider this area our ‘home’. We point to this part of our body when pointing to ourselves: ‘I’. Here we can feel who we are and how we are, and here we can consider and ‘weigh up’ everything in harmony with our conscience.

One sees clearly only with the heart
(Antoine De Saint Exupery, De kleine prins)The Little Prince

The forces of the upper pole as well as those of the lower pole have the tendency to expand or to grow rampant. Our middle area may then become overwhelmed by these forces and all sorts of problems can arise.  With the massage we aim to bring order, ‘prune’ and thus reinforce the forces of either the upper pole or the lower pole. At the same time we thus liberate the middle area including the lungs and the heart. A strong balance will then be created again.

An overview of polar qualities; the opposite qualities of the lower and the upper poles:

In the upper body; headIn the lower body: torso, legs
Bone on the outside (skull) with soft contents (brain)Bone on the inside (pelvis, bones), soft on the outside (abdomen with intestines and other organs, muscles)
Functions in subtle peace and stillnessFunctions in lively motion
From outside to insideFrom inside to outside
Is nourished by sense impressionsIs nourished by matter
Is healthy if coolIs healthy if warm
Poor possibility of regenerationGood possibility of regeneration
Crystalizing forceDissipating force
Being consciousBeing unconscious
Light clarityDull opaque chaos
Breaking downBuilding up
Death forceLife forces