Eurythmy Therapy

A therapist’s experience

It is already two years ago since I attended one of the days of the course by Volkier Bentinck in the Hague. The participants included a mixed group of physiotherapists, physicians and eurythmy therapists.
Together we attempted to form a picture of the basic principles with which Volkier had been working all his life. In 1921 Rudolf Steiner gave a course in eurythmy therapy which was attended by an equal number of eurythmists and physicians. Rudolf Steiner himself called this ‘the first seeds’, and this was what made Volkier feel called upon to do his own active research.
Volkier tried to share with us that which he had discovered in his life. He did this through discussion and by actively practising it. For instance, Volkier asked whether anyone in the group was familiar with the eurythmy therapy exercise called the ‘restless iamb’ (‘Zappel Jambus’) and yes, I did of course. This is the first Eurythmy therapy exercise ever given by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach!
After I had demonstrated the exercise two or three times Volkier thanked me kindly and I was allowed to sit down again. I was terribly surprised that this was all, and I sat down again a little embarrassed. Not much else was said about it, but all the greater was my surprise that, when sitting quietly I noticed the effect this short performance (of 2 minutes at the most) had on me!! And as the day went on I noticed ever more strongly that something essential had happened to me. I felt an enormously strong life force rise up within me.
It was only a few days later that I became conscious of the fact that this was exactly what Volkier had meant. A short intervention, in this case in the movement via a very brief eurythmy exercise, with as result a blossoming life force! The bloom after the pruning of the rose!
From that day onwards I myself began to see all the eurythmy therapy exercises in a new light.
The ‘special thing’ in eurythmy therapy in how Volkier describes it in his little book, as well as the lessons I received from him now have a special place in my work as a eurythmy therapist.
It is striking that I work in Artemis in Amersfoort, where his impulse in the medical massage therapy is also carried warm-heartedly.

José Vlaar,
Eurythmy Therapist

A Call:

Have you completed a eurythmy training?
Are you working as a eurythmy therapist?
Are you an innovator?
Are you inspired by Volkier Bentinck’s insights and method?
Act on it and become inspiring through the combination of eurythmy therapy and Volkier Bentinck’s approach!
You are welcome to exchange ideas about this.

The Bentinck Team